About Us

MattressDelight is dedicated to people who, like us, prefer to make their own informed choices without being pressured by anybody.

Whenever shopping for a new mattress or simply looking for a useful piece of information, we want to be in charge and make up our own minds instead of relying on the biased opinion of an under-qualified salesperson (no disrespect to salespeople in general whatsoever), or having to hear the subjective experience of a single person who tried a product for a week or so.

That’s why we have a completely different approach: whenever we write about anything, we look for as much available information as we can find, then analyze it and finally summarize it for our readers.

For example, when we write a mattress review, the mattress manufacturer always wants to send us a mattress to sleep on, so that we can write about our experience. The other review sites happily accept, while we respectfully decline.

Why? Because we believe that one person’s opinion is worth close to nothing.

Instead, we thoroughly crawl the web in search of real reviews by real users, who bought the mattress with their hard-earned cash and try to make the best out of their investment.

It’s only by listening to them that we can really understand if a product is as good as advertised and what are the common praises and complaints. By listening to thousands of reviewers, we know so much better than what we could learn in our own little time with the product.

We believe that this approach is much more appropriate since we consider our readers as intelligent people who can think with their own heads.

We think that basing such an important buying decision as the purchase of a mattress on the personal opinion of one or two guys, who might have a completely different set of preferences and body features than you, is more of a gamble than a smart way of shopping.

So everything you read on this site has gone through this process, and from the substantial amount of feedback we receive, people appreciate it deeply, often describing it with encouraging words such as “refreshing” and “most useful.”

So we hope that our material will be of help in your quest, and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Disclaimer – In order to keep this site free for everybody, you’ll notice links to retail websites where you can actually purchase what we deem are good products. We are paid a little commission if you make a purchase, but it comes out of the retailer’s pocket rather than being an extra expense to you. Your retail price remains unchanged. Or, in a few cases, you’ll even have a coupon to save some money.

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