Best Mattress For Heavier Person

Best Mattresses For Heavier Person

Best Mattress For Heavier Person in 2020 | Complete Reviews With Comparison

Different people have very different sleep needs. The best mattress for an individual might not be the most comfortable bed for you. And in terms of the best mattress for a heavier person, there are specific things that you need to consider to ensure that it will be the most fitting choice!
Maybe you are a linebacker or just sleep next to a large partner. Either way, we listed tried and tested mattresses for the big guys (and gals) who are quite concerned with mattress durability and a lot of extra support.

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Top 5 Best Mattress For Heavier Person Reviews

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1. Zinus Memory Foam 12” Mattress

Boasting a 4.1-star rating with over 12,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this best mattress for heavier person from Zinus gives a somewhat softer profile, making it perfect for the heavyweight who sleeps on their sides. Side sleepers require a mattress that offers a cradling effect while supporting the vertebra and back. At 12 inches, this mattress offers the thickness needed for heavier individuals, while the soft memory foam has just the right combination of softness and support to sleep comfortably.

The mattress is an all-foam kind but constructed with 4 layers. It’s base layer offers firm support then topped with a comfort foam. The next 2 top layers are made of memory foam. Not only that, using plant materials, the top layers are infused with green tea for freshness. So, if you’re looking for a more eco-sensitive purchase, then this is a great product to consider.

All foam is Certi-PUR certified for low odor and emissions when decompressing. Some users said that the reinforced edges also hold up well. Smartly shopped, our patented tech allows the mattress to be efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box. The manufacturer did note that the mattress can take weeks to completely decompress, so you should unbox it right after it arrives.

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2. Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam 14” Mattress

Classic Brands describes it as a “plush” sleeping surface with most users agreeing that it is on the firmer side. Boasting over 4,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this mattress is the best mattress for heavier individuals looking for a comfortable and cool sleep.

At 14 inches deep, this mattress features 3 layers. It’s base support features high-density foam, then a gel memory foam and the top layer is 3.5 inches of Cool Gel Memory Foam. This thick gel foam layer helps distribute heat better, making it a great choice for a not-so-sweaty sleep. In addition, this gel foam layer has a faster “recovery” time, meaning it bounces back to shape more quickly than the regular memory foams.

The mattress is quite firmer when removed from the packaging and slightly softens after a few days. This is due to the break-in period as it continues to decompress. A nice bonus that comes with it is the 2 standard size memory foam pillows. The foam is also CertiPUR-US certified, so there will be minimal off-gassing as it decompresses.

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3. Signature Sleep 13” Hybrid Coil Mattress

Coil springs are known for their motion-isolating qualities. And this 13 inches hybrid coil mattress is the perfect combination of support for heavier individuals while minimizing movement across the bed for partners. In addition to its deep 13 inches support, this mattress also has a base of 630 coils which provide consistent firmness and isolate motion. 

The base is then topped by an extra 3 inches of memory foam for softness and comfort. Also, the individual coils are separately encased. This provides you with firm support that you can expect with traditional mattresses, while the memory foam distributes stress comfortably and evenly. 

Like any other best mattress for heavier person, this one is also packed completely rolled up and compressed even with its springs. For its decompression time, you can expect at least 24 hours. Since it only uses memory foam on top, then there will also be minimal off-gassing and still, CertiPUR-US certified. Also, know that the top is quilted and comes with a non-washable and non-removable cover. 

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4. Live and Sleep 12” Gel Memory Foam Bed in Box

This Bed in Box from Live and sleep provides high-quality features including medium-firm sleeping surface, reinforced rounded edges, “deep-but-not-too-deep” thickness, good foam base layer and heat dispersing gel blended with foam layers at a mid-range price with a good guarantee. 

Featuring an all-foam construction, it has an 8.5 inches support base with an additional 2 layers of heat-dispersing gel foam and air-flow foam. Rated as medium-firm, this mattress should be comfortable for the heavyweight back sleepers and side sleepers. Numerous users claim it is supportive and comfortable. 

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Its decompression time run for about 24 hours. Because it is made of low-emission materials, it has minimal lingering smell due to off-gassing. The top cover is linen which can be removed and washed, nice features not found in most mattresses in this list. Other nice features are the bonus Queen-sized pillows, a long20-year warranty as well as a 30-day trial period. Plus, you can use it alone or place it on any kind of base, including existing box springs.

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5. Olee Sleep 13” Galaxy Hybrid Mattress

Priced under $400, this mattress is definitely a good buy with its numerous features. If you’re looking for the first mattress for your apartment or home, then this hybrid mattress from Olee Sleep will give you a range of features made for heavy sleepers without spending too much. It is indeed an entry-level of best mattress for heavier person at a nice price. 

This mattress employs both memory foam and pocket springs for a bed which gives the needed support and firmness every heavyweight need as well as isolation of movement. This is due to the individually separated springs minimizing the “waves” that are made by active sleepers. Not only does the top foam layer help distribute weight but its gel-infused designed on the top layer also gives better heat distribution for a cooler sleep. 

It features 3 layers of foam over its spring base with an extra fiber padded top, giving it a very different feel from an all-foam construction. It is a top-rated solid mattress, holding up well, providing a firm sleeping surface with just a bit of bounce, thanks to its spring base. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of mattress is best for heavier individuals?

A: Heavy people have various types of mattresses to choose from. However, the 4 main features that heavy people need to look for when buying a new bed include:

  • Thickness
  • Support
  • Edge support
  • Durability

With that said, hybrid and innerspring mattresses usually offer these qualities than all-foam mattresses. 

Q: Is my mattress going to explode when I unwrap it?

A: Know that all mattresses in our list are packed compressed. However, there will no dramatic explosion, like what you see with a life raft. At the minimum, mattresses decompress a few hours to weeks in order to reach their regular height. You can watch it happen, however, it will not be in seconds. 

Q: Will I need new sheets?

A: Each mattress should tell their heights. And even if you already own “Deep Pocket” style sheets, some of the thicker mattresses can require new sheets. Thus, you need to check measurements of the mattress before shopping for new sheets. 

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Q: Can I place it on my bed by myself?

A: Given their size, it is better to call for help. However, if you need to do it alone, then make sure that you place the mattress on the bed frame first then opening the final wrap. It should unroll and decompress in place. It is much easier to move a rolled mattress than an unrolled one. 

Q: Is there a weight limit on mattresses?

A: Yes. All mattresses have a weight capacity. However, it is not a huge concern because most manufacturers ensure that their mattresses can support a good amount of weight. Rather than focusing on the weight limit, you need to pay attention to the composition and layers of the mattress. Choosing one made of low-quality materials like poly-foam or thin coils will ensure faster break down under more weight. 

Q: Do I need edge support?

A: Edge support is the added material or stitching around the edge of the bed in order to keep you contained on the mattress. And for the average weight, it is not a huge priority, however, it can be a concern for heavy sleepers. 

The added edge support only means that you will be less likely to fall off the bed. However, it takes up more surface area, so you will have less space to roll around, which is a con for the active sleepers. Meanwhile, most beds without edge support can have extra support in other areas like a supportive base.


Finding your next bed does not have to be a headache. If you already know what to look for, then picking the best mattress for heavier person can be a quick and easy task. You get to have a deep and sound sleep at night without worrying about your mattress falling apart. 

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