Best Sleeping Position For The Baby With Stuffy Nose?

best sleeping position for baby with stuffy nose

Best sleeping position for baby with stuffy nose.

Babies are very prone to runny noses and as a parent, it is heartbreaking to see them having a hard time sleeping. It could be tough for us, parents, too to stay up late all night worrying that our baby can’t breathe. Unlike on adults who suffer from sinus congestion they are aware of what’s happening on their system. They know when to lay down to sleep and wake up. 

For most parents, a stuffy nose is one of their worries because it can affect how their babies breathe, unlike adults where they can blow their noses to clear their nasal passages.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under age 4 shouldn’t be given over the counter cough and cold medications because they’re ineffective to them. So, how can you relieve your baby’s stuffy nose? How could they have a good sleep?  

What’s the best sleeping position for baby with stuffy nose?

Sleeping upright

Sleeping upright is one of the best sleeping positions for babies with a stuffy nose. Do not let your baby lay down as it can make his congestion even worse. One of the few ways to help it is to elevate your baby’s upper body so gravity can help reduce congestion. Put a rolled-up towel beneath the top of his mattress. This upright position would be more comfortable than lying flat. Make sure not to use a pillow to elevate your baby’s head as it can suffocate him.  

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It is recommended to put a number of books or blankets underneath one end of the crib mattress so that your baby can sleep in an elevated position. This could also be a great help as this is also considered a son of the remedy to achieve the best sleeping position for babies with a stuffy nose. You can also let him sit up a little while he sleeps as it allows the snot to drain down the back of his throat. You have to hold your baby in his arms or you can put them in a supportive device. 

Elevate his/her head

Another best sleeping position for baby with a stuffy nose is to elevate his head to minimize the discomfort. Sleeping on your back with an extra pillow is the best way to drain stuffy nose. You should not let your baby sleep on their side since it can make one of its nostrils even more congested. These sleeping positions can help the mucus to run down and out overnight, instead of clogging up your airways and sinuses. 

On the other hand, you can place a folded towel underneath on your baby’s mattress to elevate his head while sleeping.  Just make sure to put the towel under the mattress and you should always put your baby to sleep on their back. 

These are just some common best sleeping positions for baby with a stuffy nose and as a parent, it’s up to us what to do best with our little ones so they can have a good sleep. But whatever would be the best sleeping position for baby with stuffy nose, the only important is that your baby is comfortable and can have a good sleep despite the cold.

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