Can A Bad Mattress Cause Body Aches?

can a bad mattress causes body aches

Can A Bad Mattress Cause Body Aches?

Sleep is one of the necessities that we must acquire so it is a good choice to invest in a good bed with excellent bedding, especially mattresses and pillows. Maybe most of us are clueless about why we sometimes wake up tired and having body pain. Can a bad mattress cause body aches?

Have you tried waking up due to back pain or neck pain and feeling stiff and sore? And it’s hard to open your eyes and sit up feeling comfortable on your mattress when you have these feelings. However, suffering from these medical conditions is completely normal and will usually go away after some time. But why do we get this and how to prevent this? Can a bad mattress cause body pains? Is your mattress the culprit?

But wait, have you ever thought how old is your mattress already? Most of us disregard on how long we are living with our mattress. Do you know that mattresses have life expectancy too?

Yes, a bad mattress could be a culprit of why you are sometimes not having a good night’s rest and even cause your body pains. And yes, your mattress has its life expectancy too. The effects of sleeping on a bad mattress extend beyond your resting hours and can affect your breathing and mental health. Thus, you must know if it’s time to say bye to your old bed and purchase a new one and must check the firmness, back support, and sinking or you can first search online for the top-rated healthy mattress.

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As you know, an old mattress often bows or sags where you usually put most of your weight. Deformation or sagging of the surface of your bed is due to years of bearing your weight. That is why sometimes when you wake up, you will experience low back pain, stiffness or sore muscles. If you are feeling this way, it must be time to find something new. Do not prolong your agony with your old bed, as the pain can become chronic and worsen your condition. Don’t allow it to happen.

Well, one of the contributing factors to this problem is a bad mattress. Evident to the question if can a bad mattress causes body aches are the studies proving bad mattress’s lack of support, incapable of holding your spine, back, and hip which can also give you knee pain, chest pain, lower back pain, leg pain, and neck pain. Therefore, it is important to know your mattress well. But how to know if your bad mattress is the one causing your back pain? 

If you feel back pain right after waking up, a greater possibility that it’s your bad mattress causing it. Why? Because in the first place, a good mattress can hold your spine perfectly and never cause pain. Others may say that the wrong sleeping posture is also a reason for back pains. But a good spine-supported mattress can give you proper back support whatever your sleeping positions will be its either side, back, or stomach sleeping. So, if back pain strikes after sleeping well, you are having a bad mattress. 

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How to know if your mattress is a bad one?  If you experience any of these symptoms then you’re having a bad one.

  • Cause your body aches and other health problems
  • Always sags
  • Creates allergy
  • Cause joint pains on different body parts
  • Cause poor or uncomfortable sleep
  • Bad smell

Basically, a good and comfortable mattress should provide proper cushioning and won’t give you any pains. One of the indications that you are having a bad mattress is how you feel upon waking up. If you are feeling any pain in your body it means that it is about your bed. It could either be your mattress is too stiff or too soft and could do a lot of sinking. 

We have different preferences in life, the same goes for choosing a mattress as well. There is various firmness of mattresses from soft, medium and firm depending on your choice. 

Soft mattress

This is a good choice if you are a lightweight person because of its high motion and sinking feature. This is for light sleepers who have enough weight allowing the mattress to compress bait without real sinking. But if you are a medium-weighted person, some sleeping positions are uncomfortable and for the heavy weighted person, this soft mattress is catastrophic. 

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Medium-firm mattress

Average sleepers find this mattress a good fit for them. For light sleepers, they experience comfort while heavy sleepers find it sinking. This kind of mattress suits well for those who are looking for additional comfort though others find it unfit based on their weight.

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Firm mattress 

This kind of mattress is designed for heavy people. It has a solid construction and has little motion and sinking. Thus, heavy weighted people enjoy this kind of mattress. But light and average sleepers find this mattress unfit since it can cause them back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. 

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Now, can a bad mattress cause body aches? 

Whether your mattress is firm or soft, if you are not fit to use it, eventually you will experience body pains. So, the best thing to do to choose the mattress that is right for you (weight) that will help improve your sleeping habits and overall health.

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