Can You Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress?

Can You Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress?

Can You Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress?

Did you know that your mattress can pick up all kinds of dirt, from accidental spills or messy accidents to the pee of your child or pets? This unpredictable situation of your memory foam might worry you and will start you wondering if there are methods for cleaning memory foams. 

One of the methods is a steaming cleaning method. But can you steam clean a memory foam mattress? Try checking this out if it’s possible. Let us know first the basics on what is steam cleaning, how it works if ever you haven’t heard this before. From the word itself, steam cleaning, it is a mess-free method of cleaning with steam. It is a hygienic, chemical-free process and highly effective. Industry uses this method to clean machines and to remove specks of dirt from engines. It also works for residential use such as cleaning floors, walls, etc. DIY (do it yourself) cleaning with your steam cleaner is cheaper than hiring a mattress cleaning service. Hot water extraction is also a good help for deep-lying stains. 

Now, can you use this method on your mattress too? Yes, you can use this eco-friendly cleaning method on your mattress. You can get rid of those sweat, dead skin, stains and other forms of specks of dirt accumulated on your beds where germs are breeding. A steam cleaner kills germs, makes your mattress look fresh and clean.

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But Can You Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress?

As mentioned above, steam cleaning is generally done for foams. But how about memory foam? 

Technically, memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane and other chemicals and these materials are sensitive to both pressure and temperature. But how about memory foam? Can you steam clean a memory foam mattress? 

Well, before anything else you need to read the label of your memory foam mattress before attempting to clean it. Although it is not recommended, however, if you choose to take the risk, then you can choose the steam cleaning method. Keep in mind as well that using a steam cleaner might ruin your memory foam. That’s why even manufacturers of memory foam do not recommend steam cleaning. Due to its possible effect on your memory foam, steam cleaning would be the last method you will choose.  You can try other ways to clean your memory mattress without ruining it. 

But if you choose to clean with steam, make sure it is superheated low-moisture to best remove stains and sanitize your mattress. It ensures that heat does not damage the cells of the mattress or pillow. It simply refreshes your mattress and kills bedbugs. On the other hand, steam cleaners do not leave behind a lot of moisture, though sometimes a little bit of it may be trapped inside your mattress. With this, you have to leave it in an area where moisture could escape before putting it a cover.

When using the steam cleaning machine, you have to clean lightly. Because if you stick the steamer in one position for a long time it can cause weakened and damaged the polyurethane material of your memory foam mattress.

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The natural ingredients that help get rid of the urine, vomit and other smells on your memory foam like vinegar and soda are still the best options.

How to do it?

  1. Remove your mattress cover.
  2. Prepare the vinegar and water in equal halves and mix it in a bowl. Get out the liquid dirt with paper towels. Then, get another clean paper towel into your mixture and dab on the area. Put mild pressure on the vinegar and water-soaked towel, dry it up immediately with another towel. Make sure to cover all soaked areas with the dirt.
  3. Take the steam cleaner and gently steam from side to side with long strokes. Press firmly with dry towels.
  4. After the vinegar treatment method, get the baking soda, put enough amount on the affected area. Allow it to sit for hours and finally, vacuum up the powder.

This mixture works for some cases but sometimes if the stains are tough to get, you may decide to steam clenched but it may put your memory foam at risk. Again, steam cleaners perfectly do a good job both for industrial and residential cleaning, however, it is not the best idea for your memory foam mattress. If your foam is beyond the deep mess, perhaps disposing of it would be a good idea because those germs invaded your mattress is not worthy of a health risk. These are some of the concrete answers if you once asked this question, can you steam clean a memory foam mattress?

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