How To Elevate Crib Mattress For Congestion

how to elevate crib mattress for congestion

How To Elevate Crib Mattress For Congestion?

Do you know that crib’s elevation matters for congestion? Maybe it doesn’t make sense now but it has something to do with you or your child’s condition. Asking your baby’s pediatrician about his sleeping position is a good thing to do to help alleviate some medical conditions. Yes, you heard it right. 

So now, you may be wondering how to elevate crib mattress for congestion?

Well, here is some information that you need to know. But first, let us find out why it is important to elevate the baby’s crib mattress. These are some medical conditions where this simple intervention helps.

GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

This is a condition wherein the acid in your stomach pushes back to your baby’s esophagus resulting in failure of the muscles connecting the esophagus and stomach to close and relax. This case is very common for babies who are always in a lying position. Thus, the best way to prevent acids from pushing back to the esophagus is to elevate your baby’s head, as well as its crib mattress. 


When you or your baby is having a cold or other viral infection, greater chances that you or he will experience nasal congestion due to mucus buildup. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to elevate the crib mattress a bit. 

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But how to elevate crib mattress for congestion or other infection? What are the things you need to prepare? 

  1. Measuring tape or ruler
  2. Crib with mattress
  3. Pillow or comforter

These are the easy steps to follow:

If you already have those above mentioned needed materials, then let’s get started. 

The first is to inspect the mattress and crib of your baby. Check if these are clean and safe for your baby’s use and have enough support platform keeping it in place. If so, then you can continue elevating the mattress in place. 

If you are done elevating, you have to mark the spot where your baby’s head is placed. You can use a measuring tape or ruler and measure six inches up from the crib’s platform. Now, you can elevate your mattress. You can do this in many ways like using a pillow, comforter or towel. When the pillow is your choice you can put it underneath your crib mattress and you can try adding more until it will reach your desired place. For your baby’s comfort, you can place a soft pillow in the middle of the mattress where your baby’s head will be placed. 

On the other hand, if you use a comforter, you can simply fold it and place it on the head side of your mattress. You may adjust the fold until you achieve your desired height. But whatever your preference may be, make sure that it is placed underneath your mattress and not inside the crib so that it won’t suffocate your baby. 

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After elevating your mattress, you can now place your baby inside the crib and check if the height is just right for him. If it’s too high, you can remove the few pillows, books or change the fold of your towel or comforter.  If it’s too low, you can add more pillows and books and change the way you folded it and rolled the comforter. You will know if it’s too high if your baby slides on the mattress. But if your baby has GERD, colds or other viral infection, you can relieve the discomfort and pain that he’s feeling through elevating the mattress. 

But why, when and how to elevate crib mattress for congestion?

The concept of elevating the position is to help fluid drainage away from the head and face area of your baby. Most doctors recommend that babies sleep on a slight incline helps a stuffy nose from colds, congestion, or even an ear infection. The suggested angles for babies sleeping is between 15-30 degrees. 

These tips on how to elevate crib mattress for congestion are very easy to follow and most of all can help you prevent congestion and viral infection. 

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