How To Inflate Air Mattress With Hand Pump?

how to inflate air mattresses with hand pump

How To Inflate Air Mattress With Hand Pump?

Have you ever wonder know why mattresses are invented and how to inflate air mattresses with hand pump? Simply, because no one wants to sleep on the hard surface of the ground. Anyways, who doesn’t want to have a comfortable bed, right? It is universally accepted that we, human beings love comfort to help us sleep. And if you don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck then you must invest on a good mattress. 

One of the mattresses people like to have is an air mattress. It is an inflatable mattress made from vinyl, plastic or rubber material. When it is still in its deflated form, it can be rolled or folded, making it perfect for camping trips or beddings at home. Air mattresses could be inflated by mouth, hand or an electric pump. It is either an automatic pump where it uses a battery or electrical power or a manual pump where you can use your bare hands or feet to manually inflate the mattress. Most of the best mattresses are provided with built-in pumps for a hassle-free way of blowing up air. But for models without this feature, you need the help of external means like a hand pump. 

But how to inflate air mattresses with hand pump? 

Air mattress comes in handy and makes a cozy bed and is cheaper than a traditional mattress. Some may find it hard sometimes to inflate it but worry no more because this article will teach you how to inflate with a hand pump. This is the easiest way that only requires your muscle power. 

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If you have never done inflating an air mattress before, you might be wondering what to do first. Well, the first thing to do is to lay-out the air mattress and clear the area. Check if there are no sharp objects around if there are take it out of the way because it could rip holes in your bed. Then, pull your bed out of the box and stretch it out.

Next, you have to insert the pump. After stretching your air mattress on the floor, you can now start the inflation process. Look for the air intake cup and take it off. Then, insert the pump hose into the air intake and start pumping air into your bed. This process could take a while depending on the size of your bed. You may ask a friend or a family member to help you pump if you got a king or queen-sized.

When you are done pumping with air, you now have to replace the air intake cup. Take note of this step and should never be forgotten. Because if you leave the cap off during the night, the air that you pump into your bed will slowly leak out and you will end up lying on the floor. And you won’t let that happened to you, so make sure to secure the cup before using it. 

If you want to keep it because you don’t need it anymore, you can deflate it manually. This process may take longer but easier. You can start by taking the air intake cap off and let the air goes out. Then, you have to go to the opposite end of the mattress and slowly fold it. This will help push all the air out. It is very important to deflate your air mattress if it’s not in use to prolong its life and protect from any damage.

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Again, those are just some of the simple steps to follow on how to inflate the air mattress with hand pump. Lastly, make sure to deflate your mattress when not in use and store it safely. 

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