How To Keep Mattress From Sliding On Adjustable Bed?

how to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed

Ways On How To Keep Mattress From Sliding On Adjustable Bed?

It is weird and sometimes annoying when you’re already in the middle of your sleep and your mattress keeps on slipping around on your adjustable bed. Or maybe you woke up this morning and found your mattress slightly slanted off the frame. Don’t ignore these! It could be a sign that your mattress is on inadequate support and needs to be replaced. We all know that a slipping or sliding mattress is so frustrating, right? 

In this article, you will be guided on how to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed. But first, let us know what makes your mattress slide? Here are some reasons why it does so:

Lack of Traction

A lack of traction and poor base foundation is one of the causes of why your mattress is sliding and slipping. This is what usually happens when you have a two-sided polyurethane mattress. Do you know what happened? The cloth of your mattress didn’t have enough traction with your bed’s framework that’s why it slipped.


This is the common culprit of why dual-sided mattress won’t stay on top of a box spring. However, the high-quality mattress has non-slip fabric at the bottom. It has grippy materials building up resistance putting it to stop shifting. 

Improper support

The foundation of your bed could also be a reason why it is shifting. Platform beds are observed to have slippage problems due to its smooth and flat tops. There are no grippers or rails to stop the mattress from sliding off. As you know, bed bases with rails stop the mattress from sliding off and rails create a place for the bed to sit. So, keep in mind that a bed without a slip-resistant bottom will result in the cushion moving continually. The foundation with rails should fit tightly with enough room for bedding. 

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On the other hand, if the legs are sliding, then it has something to do with the foundation’s leg, maybe it’s time to change your bed frame. If it’s likely your base sits on wood or tile flooring, your foundation is frictionless. With this, you may place a rug under your bed to stop the base from gliding across the floor.

Mattress’ Age

Maybe your mattress is too old that’s why it caused your bed to slip and slide. Can you still remember when the last time you purchased your mattress was? If it’s with you for more than a decade, for sure it already collects all of your body’s grime and oils from the floor.

Bed’s Size

Maybe your bed is too big for your mattress which caused the legs of your adjustable bed to slide. The extra travel distance from your mattress to both sides of your adjustable bed will cause your mattress to slip around and move your bed in a way it shouldn’t. 

So How to keep mattress from sliding on an adjustable bed?

Here are some suggestions to properly address this problem and to save you from a night of disturbed sleep.

Use a mattress non-slip pad

But what is this? A mattress non-slip pad is a simple way to prevent some slipping off your mattress. This comes in different shapes and sizes and sometimes used to keep rugs in place. All you have to do is to place this non-slip pad between your mattress and your adjustable bed. Your non-slip pad should not alter the texture of your adjustable bed. It is recommended a bit bigger than your bed.

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Use a rubber sheet or yoga pad

This is less expensive than the non-slip method. You may also use the one’s underneath the rug in your living room. You can cut it to match the dimensions of your mattress, and then put it on the adjustable bed as a makeshift non-slip pad. Or you may use a yoga mat as your non-slip pad too.

Use velcro or tape

Some people are having successfully used dual-sided carpet tape as this also an inexpensive and easy way to stop your adjustable bed and mattress from sliding. The strips have glue on both sides so you can stick one to the underside of your mattress and the other on your adjustable bed. Make sure that both sides are firmly in place. 

Get a new adjustable bed size

Why not considering getting a new bed size if your mattress is not sitting securely inside your adjustable bed frame? But before deciding to get a new one, experts recommend that you check to see if your mattress or adjustable bed is still under warranty. You could have it replaced instead or returned at no cost if your bed is sliding due to manufacturer defect.

Rubber rug pads work the same way with mattresses

It acts as an adhesive once the pressure is applied to the bed. You just have to measure out your mattress and purchase a piece of fabric with a larger surface area. Move your bed off the base and put a rubber mat down on the foundation.

Foam rubber

One side has a paper-covered adhesive while the other is slip-resistant foam. You have to measure out the length and width of your mattress before buying. Then, peel away the paper and press the foam rubber strips around the inner edge of the box spring.

If you have the double-sided carpet tape, well it is not what you are looking for because it leaves residue and will often pull threads from your mattress.  You just have to place the double-sided tape diagonally across all four corners.  Then, line up the mattress with the base and place it down when the corners meet. You can do the same thing when you will be using duct tape. 

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Why a mattress slides off its foundation and how to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed?

How to prevent this problem?

The best way to do is to buy a one-sided mattress with non-slip fabric at the base making sure your bed stays on the foundation. It can provide one sleeping surface where the opposite side acts as the base increasing support and prolong the life of your mattress.

But if your mattress slipping off because of oil, dirt, you probably need to get a new one. Replacing your old mattress could help you have a good sleep and support. 

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