How to Speed Up Mattress Off Gassing?

how to speed up mattress off gassing

How to Speed Up Mattress Off Gassing?

Are you tired of lying and rolling over and over again on the same old coil spring mattress?  Why not get a new one and be on-trend as people nowadays prefer to use memory foam mattress than traditional innerspring mattresses. But little did you know that a newly purchased mattress comes with a smell and it is observed to affect your household and might even worry you. Do you want to know more about this? If you are interested try checking this out to help you find out how to speed up mattress off gassing. 

But first what is this chemical odor that smells?

New mattresses are usually shelved in a box, rolled up and vacuum-sealed and are enclosed in an airtight package. Technically, there is a lack of airflow causing “new mattress smell”. So, the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) used by the manufacturer remain trapped in it. When you open the box and lay it out, the foam starts to expand and some components used to make the mattress will start to break down. These VOCs will be released as a gas, causing the distinct off-gassing smell. This off-gassing smell mainly comes from the foam and adhesive elements of the mattress. When you open it, you can smell an odor coming from the foam caused by a process called off gassing. Wait, what is off gassing? Are there ways on how to speed up mattress off gassing?

Off gassing happens when the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released to the air. These VOCs are an unpleasant smell because of these materials are used to make a new mattress. This odor can even last up to four to five weeks. So, if you choose the wrong mattress, you will end up suffering the lingering chemical odors in your home. However, some mattress brands are using alternative materials to help reduce the exposure and to replace the commonly used polyurethane. There are foams made of natural ingredients like latex, which also helps increase the mattress’s performance. As a natural mattress is categorized through comfortability, durability and customer satisfaction. So, make sure to have these on your checklist when buying a new mattress and also be reminded of the ways on how to speed up your mattress off-gassing.

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Is Off Gassing Harmful to Health?

The main cause of smell known as off gassing is the memory foam mattress. It is the same smell of a newly painted car. This odor is always unpleasant and may even cause difficulty in breathing, headaches, and nausea. And these still are felt even if you’re no longer near the mattress. 

As you know, the contents of your mattress matter as some of its chemicals are odorless and will continue to off-gas for years without you noticing it. And this could be a bad thing about how dangerous it is for your health. Given these bad effects, you should learn how to speed up mattress off-gassing. 

Some manufacturers recommend airing out your new mattress for three or seven days in a well-ventilated room. You can start using it hours after opening and make sure you smell it with your nose and avoid using it if it still smells unpleasant. But if this unpleasant smell persists for more than two weeks, you may return your mattress and exchange it with an environmentally friendly one. Thus, it is necessary that you must have the idea of how to speed the off-gassing process. Also, it is important to control the off-gassing from permeating into the other surfaces in your bedroom so you have to clean and trap it in filters using bamboo charcoal.

On the other hand, try checking the VOCs used when looking for a new mattress. If you can’t find any clear information from the manufacturer, you may explore other brands. Keep in mind that you have all the right to know all the potential chemical emissions you are bringing into your home. Always remember that a good manufacturer will always have recommendations for the off-gassing of the mattress you purchased from them. So, here are some tips to help speed up the gassing-off process:

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1. Cross Ventilate. Make sure that your place is well-ventilated and fresh air can pass through and let it off-gas for a few days when you unpack it as VCOs are sensitive and must be kept outside. Or you can open your bedroom window and place a fan that will direct the air to the outside. Keep cross-ventilating the room every day of the week. Note that this process will only get rid of the smell faster but odorless off-gassing can continue for an unknown duration of time. 

2. Leave your new mattress uncovered for the first few days before taking it to your room. 

3. Some manufacturers recommend sprinkling baking soda on the mattress to speed up the off-gassing process.

4. You may also put a cover in your new mattress before it stops emitting VOCs.  Make sure to wash it as the smell will dissipate with time when you remove the cover.

How to get rid of VOCs from off gassing?

  1. Leave your windows and doors open while off-gassing. Avoid doing this when there’s no smog. If the air quality is good, try getting fresh air inside to push out any nasty VOCs.
  2. If the temperature and humidity are high it caused off-gas items more quickly. Putting your mattress in direct sunlight will take out the VOCs faster. This can be done for over eight hours and an optimal result can be smelled after a number of days.

Natural ingredients are always an advantage compared to synthetic chemicals. And one of the best natural cleansers to use to avoid is vinegar when choosing cleaning supplies. When you buy furniture containing particleboard and other materials can cause off-gassing. That’s why you have to choose real wood furniture or furniture made from metals.  
Above all, off-gassing should be a concern no matter what household products you are buying, choosing the natural and organic products is a big help to eliminate or minimize off-gassing fears. Thus, it is really important to be aware of how to speed up mattress off gassing.

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