Is It Safe To Incline Baby Mattress?

is it safe to incline baby mattress

Is It Safe To Incline Baby Mattress?

There are some parents who love putting their babies in an inclined sleeper like slanted hammocks made of soft material. But is it safe to incline the baby’s mattress just to help your baby stay asleep? 

Well, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, parents should not let their babies sleep in rockers, pillows, car seats or any products that hold the baby in an incline position. It has been found out that when babies are placed in an incline position it can affect their movement and oxygen levels. A study showed that it’s easier for babies to roll from their backs to their stomachs when placed in an inclined way and they also found that lying on an incline could activate the baby’s stomach muscles and makes it easier to lift one’s head. They don’t have the strength or energy to move to a safer position. When the baby flip, it can be tough for them to get out of the position and when babies wind up on their stomach struggle may get fatigued and could lead to suffocation.

But why incline sleepers popular and some parents used it for their babies?

Because parents have the misconception that these products help prevent the reflux or spitting up. But in reality, it isn’t helping where babies have poor head control. They can slouch down while sleeping at an incline position and even tuck their head into their chest causing closing the airway and breathing problems. According to the National Institute of Health and Maternal and Child Health Bureau, babies should be put on their beds on their backs alone and on a firm flat without bumpers and other soft bedding.

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With this, most agencies do not recommend parents to use inclined sleep products with a sear back that rises more than 10 degrees and shouldn’t let their babies sleep in car seats, or any seats that hold them at an angle. It also includes putting the crib mattress at an incline. 

Is it safe to incline baby mattress to help with reflux?

Study shows it doesn’t help and even unsafe. Thus, it isn’t medically recommended any sort of wedge. The safest way for a baby to sleep is flat on their back, and on a flat, firm surface. There are three identified problems when the baby’s mattress is inclined. First, when the angle is too high, or any above 10 degrees it is too steep for babies with disproportionately heavy heads.  Second, the design of the product is prone to suffocation and many of these products are not as firm as crib mattresses. 

But if you already have an inclined infant sleeper at home, maybe you could stop using it immediately and do not let your baby sleep or even take a nap on it. However, it could be considered safe when an adult is actively watching the baby. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes that the safest place for a sleeping baby is in a flat, firm crib with tight sleet and no other bedding. Babies should be put on their backs to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Now, it’s time for you to decide if is it safe to incline baby mattress. 

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